This information relates to items purchased from TotallyBeads Ltd

Tibetan Metal is the Product Name for Alloy Cast beads with an Antique Silver finish or other Antique finish in Gold, Bronze or Red Copper.

These items are made from an combination of Zinc Alloy, Tin & Copper with some having Nickel and small traces of Silver, Gold or Bronze used for the plating process.

These items have the look of Silver but are not Silver in any way so that is the reason why they are such good value

Much has been said about Tibetan Metal containing high levels of Lead, although now many items may contain no Lead or just trace amounts from the manufacturing process.

Products sold by TotallyBeads Ltd are sourced from suppliers who adhere to the EU Nickel Directive, many products are sourced with NICKEL FREE and if an item is we will state this in the product description

If you are aware that you have allergies to jewellery we do not recommend you use Tibetan Silver products

The EU Nickel Directive - Effective January 2000

Items that come into direct contact with BROKEN skin (earrings and piecing) are only allowed to contain a maximum of 0.05% (mass) of Nickel

Items of Jewellery which would come into prolonged exposure to the skin are only allowed to release 0.05 micrograms per square cm per week.

Tarnish of Beads

All metal beads will tarnish over time due to oxidation, even STERLING SILVER

To bring your products back to life we recommend cleaning with a silver cleaning cloth.

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